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AJ Appliance is a solely owned and operated reconditioned appliance outfit. We have recently down sized and no longer have a store location but we can still service your appliances as well as offer a small selection of reconditioned appliances for sale. We have strong ties to our community and are committed to providing quality sales, service and parts to our valued customers.


We sell quality used and reconditioned appliances at affordable prices with a 90 Day Warranty, including delivery, installation and in-home service calls. We look forward to providing you with timely, professional service whatever your appliance needs.    





From $199

From $199


From $199



From $249


From $199

Hours of Operation

Mon - Wed: 9am-5pm
Thurs - Sat: 9am-6pm
Sun: Closed


Services Offered

In Home Repair Service Starting At $70

Having an issue with an appliance in your home and have no way to bring it in for repair. We do house calls! We will come service your appliance in your home. Most repairs can be made same day if model number is provided. Quick service and multiple techs make it where we can do same and next day appointments most of the time. No waiting 2-3 weeks for service on your appliance that you need now. 

Appliance Drop Off Repair $50

Bring your appliance to us for repair. Repair times vary depending on parts availability.

Okeef & Merritt, Wedgewood, and Garland Stove Repair and Servicing Starting at $150

January 01, 2019

Are you experiencing gas leaks?  Burners not lighting properly?  Oven not lighting? Oven overheating?

- Make an appointment with our expert technicians who will be able to diagnose your stove issues


Services include but are not limited to.


  • Clean and Lubricate Valves & Thermostats

  • Calibrate oven temperature

  • Clean  and Unclog burner heads and simmers

  • Check Safety Valve System 

                    - Ensure Safety Valves are working properly

                    - Check for gas line leaks

                    - Clean/Unclog pilot heads

                    - Verify all lights, outlets and plugs are working (we disconnect the clocks)

Service Call to diagnose an issue with your stove starting at $150

Service Call for basic maintenance package starting at $400

We will make suggestions for the maintenance need for your stove

Replacement parts can be provided at and additional cost (only with customers consent)

Dryer Vent Cleaning $85

Professional dryer duct cleaning from AJ's can help your dryer work at peak efficiency, which can save money on energy bills. A clean dryer duct also makes your home safer by helping prevent dryer fires—and, for gas dryers, by helping prevent carbon monoxide from escaping from the duct into the home. 

Dishwasher Installation $119

Thinking about installing a dishwasher or wondering about dishwasher installation costs? You don’t have to know how to install a dishwasher to enjoy that kitchen upgrade. AJ's has all your dishwasher installation needs covered. AJ's installers can install dishwashers quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to stress. Let professionals who know how to install dishwashers (and how to uninstall your old one) handle the dirty work. 

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Medford, OR

Emergency (After Hours) Call Ricky 541-787-7615

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